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Was Puppy The Right Choice?
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Official Crustacean

Joined: 04 May 2005
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Location: Paradox Realm

PostPosted: Wed 18 Jan 2012, 09:49    Post subject:  Was Puppy The Right Choice?  

Today I did some Puppy hopping. A brief look at Saluki Alpha and Slacko 5.3.3 (5.3.2 whilst developing) - good stuff is coming to a CPU near you . . . just wait till we get on that Raspberry Pi - only two weeks away to shipping . . . Laughing
Many years ago when I started to seriously look at Linux as an alternative to Windows, I came across one piece of advice.
Choose one distro and stick with it.
I choose Knoppix, with the intention of moving to a full Debian install . . .
. . . however there was too much I did not understand . . . and for learning all kinds of basic penguin geekery I used to lurk on the Puppy 'Simpleforums' site and listen . . .
Of course I could not use Puppy because it was not a serious distro. OK it was fast, but odd and well they ran as root and if you did that the hackers would run off with your grandmothers collection of kippers . . . (or so I been told by the big dogs)

The weird thing was Puppy was quicker than Debian (installed via Knoppix) even when booting from CD. In fact Puppy did everything faster. It was efficient. The developer (we only had Barry in them days) was very pleasant, with advice and coding from people such as Guesttoo . . . so I kinda . . . somehow . . . well . . . accidentally started using Puppy Embarassed

So I think Debian . . . eh Dpup . . . yep I mean Puppy was the right choice
. . . and now back to the specialised distro hopping done Puppy style . . .

Did you make the right choice?

YinYana AI Buddhism
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Joined: 10 Aug 2006
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Location: La Confederation Abenaquaise

PostPosted: Wed 18 Jan 2012, 11:33    Post subject:    

I sure did Lobster! Very Happy And as many here know, I've not only played around with many puplets, but have used nearly every distro listed on the right-hand side column there at "DistroWatch" as well. After all... I have so much free time sitting here in this little "4-wheeled roadster" of mine. Laughing

Yet then I realised - I had my "epiphany" ( perhaps while using "Epiphany", who knows? LOL! ), "Now why on earth am I distro-hopping from Mint, to Vector, to ZenWalk, to Parsix, to Debian, to... to... to... When I have Puppy, it does it ALL, runs on everything I've ever owned, my entire family can so easily understand AND use it - far better and quicker than they've ever done 'that other system', I can so easily help out behind the scenes from this chair..."

Need I say more? I'm addicted now. Just look at my signature. My only regret? That I haven't been able to use the computer as much as I would've liked in 2011 which translates into nearly a year with very little Puppy time! O woe is me!

Yup! I'm addicted!

But like my Mrs. says, "There sure are far more worse things that you could be addicted to. And at least I know exactly where you are: All I need do is look over my shoulder and there you are - at your computer working away on something Puppy-related - if not in your bed."

Puppy even makes bad men like me reform and behave! LOL!



Proud user of LXpup and 3-Headed Dog. Cool
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Joined: 29 Jun 2008
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Location: SwedenEurope

PostPosted: Wed 18 Jan 2012, 12:01    Post subject:  

Yes and No! the totally wrong choice seen from some aspects.

Right choice for me. I can not use other linux distros.
They have permissions and such and I fail to get such.
Too logically intricate for my brain.

Puppy is way above my capacity to grasp too but
I can at least use it daily.

Knoppix is the only other linux that I barely can use.
But their forum would never accept me failure to read
their FAQ or manual.

I thought that Porteus a former Slax remix community build
could be the back up in case something did happen to puppy
but I failed to boot their latest version so they are too
difficult too.

Now why is puppy the wrong distro choice?

I have a woman friend not a lover but friend never the less
and she has Linux too but I fail to help her because it is a
multi-user distro so I have no forum to go to to help her.

Sure I could help her get active on Linux Questions or
maybe on Ubuntu and she can ask herself there.

Maybe they get happy helping a woman out. Smile
But if she ask me I would not understand their answer
to her.

and another thing ...

Because when one meet another linux user here in Sweden
then most of them have never heard of it or if them have
they have low opinion on it unless they are odd persons
like same category that do jailbreak on Android phones.

Such people seems to be open to new kinds of
experiences but they are not active here as far as I know.

idg.se has a "board" for computer users and now and then
somebody ask there and flashback.org also has a department for other operating systems and there are
puppy users there too but they are never here.

I would not become member there I trust it is not
politically correct to be a member there.

I use Google Search on Puppy Forum
not an ideal solution though
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Joined: 20 Jan 2009
Posts: 2287

PostPosted: Wed 18 Jan 2012, 14:59    Post subject: Was Puppy the right choice?
Subject description: Well, Alrighty then.

I approach Linux like a mechanic chooses a tool from a tool box.
Some tools make a certain job easier to do than others.

Of course one can use a sledge hammer to disassemble most anything. But. Try reassembling something with a sledge hammer instead of a sonic screwdriver (for you brits Laughing )

Puppy has been my sonic screw driver for a number of years. Even my wife likes Puppy Linux and she is a die hard Windows 7 user. So I made her a pendrive for emergencies. It fixed her Windows 7 new Compaq Laptop Christmas present I bought her when she dropped the laptop and Windows 7 would not completely boot any more.

I came to find out the problem was a online screen saver she downloaded and I fixed it by deleting the screensaver from programs folder while in Puppy. She loves that pendrive now and likes doggies any ways because of her job (Animal control officer). She thinks the woof woof is the cutest thing..

Was Puppy the right choice?

You betcha!
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