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Joined: 06 Nov 2008
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PostPosted: Sun 15 Jul 2012, 12:55    Post subject:  yeahwm
Subject description: very lite simple wm with shade-to-tab

It started in the REQUESTS section, [filled] yeahwm? topic..

yeahwm 0.3.5 pkg redone (make on p431) with extras

yeahconsole 0.3.4 and yeahlaunch 0.3 included
a few other extras as well (plogout junk and a crude yeahstart)

f00note.txt follows:
This is just experiential gatherings from settling this make of yeahwm,
yeahconsole and yeahlaunch on my old machine. If you have a fancy setup, check
the READMEs (in particular the full set of options with -display and so on).

Mod4 (windows key, usually) as the modifier for the bulk of cmds (learn from
mcwm) rather than Ctrl+Alt - this is a preference that others may share.

Ctrl+q may be odd in various instances, perhaps killing yeahwm (or maybe the
rootwindow or releasing your current display) O_o rather than just the focus'd
window as you'd expect from long-worn habit. It got pretty old using htop to
sigterm windows and even then yeahwm would exit sometimes. Is it a 'quick' way
to get out to cli? You be the judge, I found it rather annoying to leave
unexpectedly. With yeahstart, there seems to be much less dropping out of X
even if yeahwm crashes or you switch to a variant (windows stay up but mostly
they cannot be moved and so on - all those wm things Laughing).

yeahwm has a 'close' strip on the right side of the tab, it doesn't put up a
'pirate' icon but does change the pointer (like xkill), mouse1 (on release in
the window or tab) closes. windows without a tab will get one if you shade

Put a yeahlaunch -c /root/.yeah/lrc1 in a startup file for other wms (as last
entry seems to work better), edit them to suit your needs.

yeahconsole can be loaded via a runbox, menu entry or however you like - if you
have a yeahlaunch up, that'll work. Ctrl+d kills it (usually) or you can try
fussing with the ~/.Xresources entry for a restart option.

If you have it, xkill should be run from terminal to be gui-effective, like so:
xterm +sb -geometry 66x2 -e xkill

If you have it, xprop cmds need to be understood (xprop -h in a terminal), they
may differ - I find xprop -root helpful (it's a nitpicky thing, so ignore if you like)

You can 'theme' yeahwm by editing yeahlaunch entries - see ~/root/.yeah/lrc0.
Previously I tried doing this by editing (slightly) yeahstart and pointing -c
parameter to different yrc(s) in /root/.yeah dir (but yeahwm isn't buying that
method. The good of this is when yeahwm crashes, just hit yeahlaunch for the
default or yrc* of choice - if you load yeahwm or yrc variants by yeahconsole,
you will get a lovely mssg about what happened when it crashed or had a hard
time ... Oya, kill yeahwm (or variant) before switching Smile

Don't know if yeahwm can use trutype fonts, but it can use regular hex for colors - it's the escape "" pair that yeahlaunch can't get past (it stops reading the line after it hits the # after the 1st " so the 2nd is not read to complete the pair Rolling Eyes ). A workaround for that is to make the yrc an executable script and use it like so in the name=value pair yrc3=exec /root/.yeah/yrc3 and that works for yeahlaunch. Here's a nice font and color group (-fn 7x14 -fg "#ffd0cc" -abg "#4c7b80" -bg "#7d8a8b" -fc "#296266").

yeahstart is a bit of a conundrum (doubtless someone more skilled could do
better). As-is it gets you into X with whatever startups you like (yeahlaunch
in particular is a basic) - there is NO wm until you start yeahwm-default or a
variant from yeahlaunch bar at the top. Do check /usr/bin/yeahstart and edit
the background setter and /path/to/image (I'm sure not everyone has
hsetroot and default.jpg). Also it allows the theming above without leaving X.

# copy to ~/.Xresources (if you like and other means like -wlist don't work)

yeahwm*tablessWindows:<fbrun,stalonetray for example>
fbrun had tab, stalonetray ok (yeahwm is a bit deaf to hints other than
motif's and that's probably as good as it will get dev-wise)

# copy to ~/.Xresources (if you like, it is the only way to config yeahconsole)
yeahconsole*inheritPixmap:true (basic pseudo-transparency)
yeahconsole*shading:60 (lower no. for more opacity/darker)
yeahconsole*consoleHeight: (if you want more or less than 10 lines)
yeahconsole*aniDelay:0 (no waiting for animation)
yeahconsole*stepSize: (adjust to bigger no. for snapdown/up)
.. you may want other options (if they're not already in ~/.Xdefaults, where I
keep tint, fading and such for my urxvt version 8.1)

this is what it is...

A screenshot @215k, a report in crashinfo.zip fwiw
Nice 'n' lite, simple with some useful features Smile
Description  remake of yeahwm 0.3.5 (mod4 modifier for most keybinds) with various extras, samples and so on..

Filename  yeahwm-0.3.5-plus.tar.gz 
Filesize  32.4 KB 
Downloaded  365 Time(s) 
Description  detailed mssg from yeahconsole after a crash, fwiw

Filename  crashinfo.zip 
Filesize  1.57 KB 
Downloaded  367 Time(s) 
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Joined: 30 Jan 2009
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Location: La Porte City, IA , U.S.A.

PostPosted: Sun 15 Jul 2012, 21:36    Post subject:  

I had better luck with this yeahwm that was converted rpm2pet.
Works better if you have xprop and xkill in /usr/X11R7/bin but some other puppys might be missing other libs? Confused

I used it on txz-pup and 431JP2012. Smile
Only reason i use evilwm over yeahwm is its easier for no titlebars in evilwm.
You can do it in yeahwm but its more work + evilwm is lighter.
YeahWM more mouse friendly by clicking root then window - you can drag it.
Description  rpm2pet

Filename  yeahwm-0.3.5-alt1.i586.pet 
Filesize  23.34 KB 
Downloaded  358 Time(s) 

3.01 Fat Free / Fire Hydrant featherweight/ TXZ_pup / 431JP2012
Peace and Justice are two sides of the same coin.
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Joined: 06 Nov 2008
Posts: 808
Location: the Western Reserve

PostPosted: Wed 18 Jul 2012, 11:36    Post subject:
Subject description: addenda

@harii4 - tab/titlebar is handy sometimes, such as if there's a path or edit-state indicator and so on (miwm has a good alternative in only displaying it on the focussed window, as well as its own mouse-friendly controls, treewm is another story altogether, but some fascinating features like autoshade for a lite wm) .. yup, for the purist some ultralights may be preferable Smile

.. after checking yeahwm (fine) and the add-ons (against a few other wms) in my wary514 ..

more stuff - yeahconsole, config &etc
in ~/.Xresources
yeahconsole*thickness:5 (for a skinny scrollbar)
yeahconsole*stepSize:142 (this gives a fast snapdown/up animation)
..the toggleKey may conflict (and so make yeahconsole pretty much useless since it won't drop) with some wms if that wm uses the key or keycombo (in mcwm it seems to be the modifier, in icewm who knows.. maybe a prefoverride? would work)

Haven't tried it yet, but multiple/alternate yeahconsole(s) should be doable - just symlink to /usr/bin/yeahconsole and rename the sym yeahconsole2 or whatever (and set the config in ~/.Xresources with yeahconsole2* prefix .. you need at least term: and toggleKey: for it to be functional)

If stuff is changed in ~/.Xresources, it's not effective until that file is reread (usually with Restart X server)

yeahlaunch can crash (somewhat rare) - if that leaves you with no control in X, Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to the Prompt and xwin yeahstart (or whatever you like)

Both of these are limited to the top edge of the display, as far as I can tell.

___further notes on yeahwm___

If/when yeahwm crashes, it thrashes about and consumes CPU resources. This is why I like a cpu graph such as conky provides (if you're still in X as should be the case with yeahstart) - if it's real busy (solid or nearly so), then it is probably a good idea to send a SIG-KILL to the poor beast and put it out of its misery (the usual SIG-TERM is not as effective). Htop is very convenient for this small chore - select the offender, F9 and dirkey up from 'term to 'kill then enter/returnkey .. CPU goes back to a normal idle.

Htop works well 'out' of X, too (sometimes yeahwm's like a 'possum..)
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