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What are you running Puppy on?
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Joined: 01 Jul 2013
Posts: 7

PostPosted: Thu 11 Jul 2013, 23:47    Post_subject:  What are you running Puppy on?  

I know this one's probably been done before, but what the hey? Very Happy

What's everybody running their puppy(ies) on?

Right now, I've got MacPup 529, PhatSlacko 5.5, and Precise Puppy 5.6 running off 8 GB USB thumb drives, and usually boot them on one of my fleet of ancient Thinkpads. I also have a Saluki 023 setup on a 32 GB Thumb drive that I've been using as a Virtual Box platform.

I've also got Simplicity Linux 13.4 Live booted off CD on my Acer Desktop as a test. I'm debating replacing Mint 13 on that system.

I have Precise Puppy 4.6.1 in a frugal install on a Sony Vaio TX770P subnotebook (which now runs circles around Core2Duo systems). And, last but far from least, I have Saluki 023 in a frugal install on my Thinkpad X60s, which flies like a rocket. I'm typing this on the X60s right now.

So, everybody chime in. What's ya runnin' on?
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Joined: 21 Jun 2013
Posts: 15

PostPosted: Fri 12 Jul 2013, 07:54    Post_subject: My rigs/setups
Sub_title: what are you running puppy on?

My setups are:

Compaq 2108US laptop(AMD2800XP, 512MB):

LUPU 528 full install added Libreoffice and PcCdripper removed Asunder due to hang ups, installed songbird- the main use is as a DJ music box/internet browser.

I play around un the same rig with live CD's of Precise 5.6.1, Simplicity and Subdivision, Anti-x and Tinycore.

Athlon 64x2 with Windows 7 and Tinycore on a USB(TC is smokin fast with chromium as a browser and I currently use USB's with it installed as my main portable OS(Subdivision is the other)

Dell Dimension 4700; P4 2.83 with 1GB ram, used as a media server test bed for other OS's. currently has Ubuntu LTS with Splashtop streamer and XBMC installed- i use my Kindle fire HD to run the system remotely/ control XBMC and also have an XBMC app that lets me stream from the server to the Fire- this setup is easy to use and the computer was rescued from a dumpster so Very Happy Very Happy

I load other distro's onto the Dell to try and then remove them(tinycore USB stays on this one too). I have tried:

Mint-13(did not like machine, 14- ran great, 15-ran great.
Mageia-crash during set up
Manjira- nice alternative to buntu/mint

and a host of others- I like seeing what they can do.

favorites at present are the ones i am running with tinycore and simplity being my current "toys" and LUPU 528 being my workhorse.
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Joined: 01 Jul 2013
Posts: 7

PostPosted: Fri 12 Jul 2013, 10:48    Post_subject:  

I do have CrunchBang and Linux Lite running on a couple systems. Lite seems particularly persnickity to me about what machine it will run on. I had enormous problems with it not mapping keyboards properly. CrunchBang is in the Puppy class: it runs happily on whatever you put it on.

I was thinking of installing Simplicity on a T400 I just got back from the shop (graphics card problems). However, I'd installed Zorin there, and have been having some fun playing with it. However...

The joys of distro hopping!

However, I find myself coming back to some Pup derivative over and over. So...
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Joined: 21 Jun 2013
Posts: 15

PostPosted: Fri 12 Jul 2013, 13:40    Post_subject: #!  

I tried crunchbang on the P4-very nice, quick except streaming video was a little jumpy(maybe old codecs?) and tried it on the compaq where it was NOT happy but to use your term the compaq is a persnickety machine and sofar only SalineOs, Anti-X, Simplicity, Tinycore and all Pups have run on it although the Slacko based Pups do not properly shut it down. Subdivision/Simplicity are the only distros that will drive an external display on the compaq which is weird since they are Slacko based but other Slacko's won't do this.
I really like trying out distros and especially small ones. Simplicity has some promising ideas and they do listen to feedback at thier site. I am really having fun with Tinycore; it is absolutly blazing fast as it loads up into memory like Puppy. On a USB with Tinycore and Chromium as the browser my wife was stunned at how immediate everything was. I am getting more comfortable with LUPU 528 and it will probably stay as the main OS on the Compaq for a while. It took a litle while to figure out how to customize things as Barry included so many ways to do things; LUPU 528 is amazing IMHO. Yard sales tomorrow so if another old unwated $5 PC shows up I'll probably put Subdivision on it and tweak it Very Happy
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Joined: 13 Apr 2008
Posts: 547
Location: West Central Florida

PostPosted: Sat 13 Jul 2013, 15:55    Post_subject:  

Got Puppies on all three of the older computers that I have up and running.
My oldest computer (PIII--933Mhz--512M ram--60G hd)...
an oldie but goodie HP Vectra....
has the classic Puppy 4.31 on it (with many apps from forum member Tuxtoo for his Puppy 412 website).
Many of his apps for the Puppy 412 will work on 4.31, as well. (So cool).

Racy 5.2.2 seems to run really well on my two Dell Optiplex desktops.
Dell Optiplex 270
(P4--2.8Ghz--1G ram--200G hd)

Dell Optiplex 150
(PIII--1Ghz--512Mhz ram--125G hd)
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