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Joined: 08 Aug 2008
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Location: Warsaw

PostPosted: Wed 06 Nov 2013, 02:59    Post subject:  Ranger
Subject description: File manager

ranger is a file manager with VI key bindings. It provides a minimalistic and nice curses interface with a view on the directory hierarchy. The secondary task of ranger is to psychically guess which program you want to use for opening particular files.

Compiled in racy 5.5, so against python 2.6
The dependencies:
python from devx_racy_xx.sfs
Description  filemanager

Filename  ranger-1.6.1-i486.pet 
Filesize  163.02 KB 
Downloaded  883 Time(s) 
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Joined: 16 Sep 2009
Posts: 2664
Location: UK

PostPosted: Tue 27 Oct 2015, 17:43    Post subject: ranger in puppy
Subject description: ..hard work to get it working...

I compiled the latest version on puppy Tahr and Akita, but cannot get any file previews to work on either one...

I already compiled and installed atool, caca-utils, mediainfo .. still no previews at all...

But highlight, w3m refused to compile on Akita and on Tahr .. didn't have enough time to work out why .. imlib and imlib2 (inc DEV pkgs) were installed etc...

1. Does anyone have ranger working proplerly in puppy yet??

2. And does anyone have chardet (and pip?) working on puppy?

I have ranger working pefectly on elementary OS (ubuntu 14.04)..

[b]Akita Linux, VLC-GTK
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Joined: 16 Sep 2009
Posts: 2664
Location: UK

PostPosted: Sun 15 Nov 2015, 14:41    Post subject:  

To fix previews:

You need to go into /usr/local/bin/ranger and turn the False to True where it disables previews just for root... Then it can all be hooked up nicely..

Pdftotext didnt work for me, so i had to edit ~/.config/ranger/scope.sh ... I made the pdftotext bit read like so:

pdftotext $path > /tmp/file; cat /tmp/filw

.. then it worked..

I'm using w3m to preview the images, the only terminal where this works perfect is mlterm... just in case anyone else cares...

I recommend 'green' for a super lightweight terminal pdf reader that looks great - you can add it in ~/.config/ranger/rifle

I got feh working in X very nicely, and also fbi in non X for actually opening images fullscreen (not just previews inside ranger)..

.. Also links2, using framebuffer so it works in both X and non X environments can be used like so:

links2 -driver directfb http://blah.com

.. You might need to edit some directfb files in /etc to add the screen resolution you need...

Also for whatever dumb reason, puppy is missing lots of environment variables ... To make vim work fully, you will need to edit (in a rranger wrapper, or in /etc/profile, or ~/.bashrc) this:

export VIM=/usr/share/vim/vim74/ # <--- (or similar)
export VIMRC=~/.vimrc # <--- (or similar)
export PAGER=less
export EDITOR=vim
export DEFAULTBROWSER=links2

[b]Akita Linux, VLC-GTK
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Joined: 24 Feb 2014
Posts: 2919

PostPosted: Mon 23 Jul 2018, 12:04    Post subject:  

Bumping a old thread, attached are a couple of screen shots.

That's using cwm window manager ... has no window titles. I leave a 2 pixel gap at the top of the screen and left clicking that shows a dropdown of current windows so you can flip between them that way. Right click shows the menu of programs (as you configure it). However the easiest way is to press the exec ? keycode combination and type in the first two or three letters of whatever program you want to run, which is usually more than enough for exec to focus down to the actual individual program. Similarly to flip between windows alt-tab (pinky finger and thumb) does the trick.

I tend to just run with two windows, one showing my browser, the other running tmux. Multiple tabs on the browser that I can switch between, multiple tmux sessions, one of which I run ranger in. I set one of my browser tabs to show the date/time so it serves as a clock. Ranger is a great/fast file manager/program launcher, left and right arrow to move up/down the directory tree, up and down arrow to move up/down the directory and where you get a preview of each files contents, enter to run it (or r to open up run using ... prompt).

Some people do like to have multiple windows on the desktop at the same time, or even multiple monitors. Mostly I just have each window maximised and flip between those. Relatively infrequent that I have two windows alongside each other (excepting if I'm comparing things). In effect a gui/browser on one side, terminal windows on the other (when connected to other servers I tend to use a tmux terminal session + ssh into the server). Ranger as part of that ... and its incredibly quick, configurable/flexible ... even though I personally just use a very limited set of controls/things. One of the best file managers out there IMO.

EDIT: decided to also post the javascipt code I use that shows the date/time in a tab (as the title). I save that as a .html file and just have my browser set to launch that file as the opening window.

<SCRIPT type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">
 function datetime() {
   var objToday = new Date();
   weekday = new Array('Sun', 'Mon', 'Tue', 'Wed', 'Thu', 'Fri', 'Sat');
   dayOfWeek = weekday[objToday.getDay()];
   dayOfMonth = today + ( objToday.getDate() < 10) ? '0' + objToday.getDate() : objToday.getDate();   
   months = new Array('Jan', 'Feb', 'Mar', 'Apr', 'May', 'Jun',
                      'Jul', 'Aug', 'Sep', 'Oct', 'Nov', 'Dec');
   curMonth = months[objToday.getMonth()];
   curYear = objToday.getFullYear();
   curHour = objToday.getHours() > 12 ? objToday.getHours() - 0 : (objToday.getHours() < 10 ? "0" +   
                      objToday.getHours() : objToday.getHours());
   curMinute = objToday.getMinutes() < 10 ? "0" + objToday.getMinutes() : objToday.getMinutes();
   curSeconds = objToday.getSeconds() < 10 ? "0" + objToday.getSeconds() : objToday.getSeconds();
   var today = curHour + ":" + curMinute +  " " + dayOfWeek + " " + dayOfMonth + " " + curMonth;
   document.title = today;

BTW both the attached images are full screen images, not just individual window snapshots.
 Filesize   82.97 KB
 Viewed   203 Time(s)


 Filesize   144.92 KB
 Viewed   200 Time(s)


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) :wq
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