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How to find image width x length?
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Joined: 21 Dec 2008
Posts: 1798
Location: अनुमोदना

PostPosted: Today, at 07:10    Post_subject:  How to find image width x length?  

Dear puppians,

Is there a native puppy command to get an image size? Width x Length
Or if not native, can someone please lead me to it?

Thanks a lot

Note: the "file" command won't work with. Jppg

PET Maker|WbarCC
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Joined: 26 Oct 2011
Posts: 1078

PostPosted: Today, at 08:44    Post_subject:  

For BMP, GIF, JPG, TGA & TIF you could use exiv2 binary. I think it's present in all of Pups.
As for some other formats, here's a snippet I made some time ago that might be helpful:

[ "$FILENAME" ] || exit 1

FILENAME_TEMP=`echo "$FILENAME" | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]'`

case ${FILENAME_TEMP##*.} in
    read X Y <<< `exiv2 "$FILENAME" 2>/dev/null | awk '/Image size/ {print $4,$6}'`
    read X Y <<< `file -b "$FILENAME" | awk -F',' '{split($2,a,"x"); print a[1]" "a[2]}'`
    read X Y <<< `file -b "$FILENAME" | cut -d ']' -f2 | cut -d '[' -f2 | awk -F',' '{print $1+1,$2+1}'`
    read X Y <<< `grep -m1 "\"" "$FILENAME" | tr -d "\"" | awk '{print $1,$2}'`
    X=`cat "$FILENAME" | tr -d ' \t' | grep -m1 -io "width=".[0-9]* | tr -cd '[[:digit:]]'`
    Y=`cat "$FILENAME" | tr -d ' \t' | grep -m1 -io "height=".[0-9]* | tr -cd '[[:digit:]]'`     
    read X Y <<< `grep -v '#' "$FILENAME" | grep -a -m2 .[0-9] | tail -1 | awk '{print $1,$2}'`
  *) echo "Not supported..."; exit 1

echo "$FILENAME: ${X}x${Y}"

Doesn't work with certain .ico files, but otherwise it's quite reliable...


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Official Dog Handler

Joined: 04 May 2005
Posts: 11118
Location: Arizona USA

PostPosted: Today, at 09:58    Post_subject:  

mtPaint shows the image size, at the bottom left corner. Right-click on the file, then choose Open with -> mtPaint.
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B.K. Johnson

Joined: 12 Oct 2009
Posts: 140

PostPosted: Today, at 12:07    Post_subject:  

From your browser (Firefox), right-click on the picture and choose the option about view image info or something like that. Gives you the original dimensions and also that if scaled.
I found your picture is 80px × 62px. See screen shot

B.K. Johnson
Reread your post and realized you were looking for a command. So my suggestion may not be what you want, however, I am leaving the reply in case someone else finds it useful.
 Description   Output- right-click > View image info of your pic.
 Filesize   63.06 KB
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ASRI éducation

Joined: 09 May 2009
Posts: 2532
Location: France

PostPosted: Today, at 16:14    Post_subject: Re: How to find image width x length?  

trio wrote:
Is there a native puppy command to get an image size? Width x Length

Hello Flash and B.K. Johnson.
Trio is not a novice.
It is probable that he is trying to develop a script.
Graphical interfaces are not going to help ...

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Joined: 30 Nov 2008
Posts: 2684
Location: Montenegro

PostPosted: Today, at 16:52    Post_subject:  

Not sure about native puppy command, but exiv2 can get image size from exif (not that every image has exif saved though)
EDIT: Googled and found an answer on stackoverflow that says that exiv2 will display size even if exif isn't saved, and I just tested it, see second output for image with no exif.

13 root:960px$ data=$(exiv2 IMG_5834-960.JPG)
14 root:960px$ echo "$data" | grep "^Image size"
Image size      : 640 x 960

1 root:IMG$ exiv2 2rVyRKI.jpg
File name       : 2rVyRKI.jpg
File size       : 600887 Bytes
MIME type       : image/jpeg
Image size      : 2576 x 1719
2rVyRKI.jpg: No Exif data found in the file

It would be interesting to know though.
If you want to embed image into gtkdialog there are <width></width> and <height></height> tags that will scale image of any size to given values.


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Joined: 12 Oct 2012
Posts: 441
Location: The other Mr. 305

PostPosted: Today, at 20:22    Post_subject:  

See 2005 script posted by Tomchuk


I only tested it on one JPG but it seemed to work fine.

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