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p573 and p573-L, two spins/updates of Precise 5.7.1/5.7.2
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Puppus Dogfellow

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PostPosted: Today, at 00:22    Post_subject:  p573 and p573-L, two spins/updates of Precise 5.7.1/5.7.2
Sub_title: 158 and 454 mb repectively




they start as precise 5.7.1 patched to 5.7.2, which gives them save folder functionality, fixes the bash problem, and updates the sfs load program to shinobar's latest (2.3). i replaced the unstable abiword with ted, even though you could get formatted text from notecase and just use google docs to turn it into odt, doc, docx, etc. i left in sea monkey for similar reasons and because of Barry Kauler's affinity for it. also removed were osmo, planner, rubix, and emeraldia or whatever it was called. p573 adds the following:

AFI-1.0.2.pet pexec-001.pet
antiword_0.37-8.pet PupMates_01-Apr-2014.pet
wmp4.tar.gz (give or take) Pup-Shots.pet
brother_mfc685cw-1.0.pet qt4-4.3.2.pet
copy-fast-2.3.pet quickpet-1.7.pet
darkgray-0.pet recoll-1.13.02.pet
dash-0.5.6.pet Right-click-6.7.8.pet
empty-files-1.1.pet roxiconchanger-0.3.2.pet
ExifTool-8.66.pet roxmenu_new.win.pet
f2fs-installer-0.1.2.pet sakura-2.3.8.pet
flashplayer11- sfs2pet-20121001.pet
geany-1.24.1-1-i686.pet swapfilemanager-4.6.pet
get_libreoffice-0.30.pet tas-1.8.pet
gexec-0.4-pup1.pet ted-2.23-i386.deb
GTK_Theme_Maker-1.4.pet Tema_Aurora-1.pet
jreclicker.pet unrpm.pet
jwmthememaker-1.5.pet unrtf_0.19.3-1.1.pet
libQt3Support.so.4.pet vte-0.22.5.pet
libxapian22_1.2.8-1.pet wmctrl-1.07-6_i386.pet
LP2_TerminatorX382.pet woofy-0.91.pet
lxtask-0.1.3.pet xapian-core-1.0.18.pet
moblin_stark-1.1.pet xbindkeys-1.8.3.pet
mswebfonts_525.pet xdotool-2.20110530.1-3.pet
PackIt-1.5.pet xpad-4.0.pet
PaDS-1.0.4.pet xvkbd-3.1.pet
parcellite_1.1.9-1_i386.deb xwit-3.4.pet
partview-2014.pet yad-0.12.4-i486.pet
peasypdf-2.9.pet zarfy-0.1.0-i486.pet
Pet_Maker-2.3.pet zensound-0.2b.pet
speeddials winswitcher

to that, p573-L adds:
Ardour3-3.5.357-i686-Precise_5.7.1nodep.pet LibreOffice-4.3.3_en-US_xz.pet
dropbox-2.10.28.pet LP2_sooperlooper_1.6.14dfsg-1.pet
goldendict-1.0.2-precise.pet LP2_VLC117.pet
goldendict-wordnet_3.0-26.1_all.deb qt-4.8.2-stripped.pet
hydrogen- winep573-1729.pet

i felt it was important to give each version recoll--i know of no other way to search the content of doc, docx or odt files. you may be able to upgrade to 1.6, but the 1.3 does the same and appears to be the most reliable. you can get back the stock puppy feel by deleting the jmrc.personal file and renaming/restoring the original in that folder. these distros have 10 root menus and a great number of shortcut keys and custom menus. see this thread for more on customizing jwm/taking fuller advantage of rox (the linked post shows a shot of the taskbar elements broken up and the ten menu buttons. for this release i kept things off the left side as i figured top placements would be more universal--the top is always the top but the right side can be any number of pixels away).

anyway, they appear to work well. please try them out and report any bugs, though there should be relatively few--5.7.1's been up for a while and anything that works well on it should work well on these.

i used woofy and the built-in script for the remaster, plus there was a lot of decompressing-recompressing (Parchive and UExtract) to get the size down and fix little errors.

both versions have the most recent geany (1.24-4) with some extra plug-ins installed. the required dictionary for the spell check is included in both, the larger one additionally includes java, qt, LibreOffice4.3.3.2, ardour, and wine. and a drum machine. they seem equally fast on a machine with 2 gig of ram.

for a devx for 573, rename the one from 571 572.

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