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tahrpup64 6.0.5 CE
Moderators: Flash, JohnMurga
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Joined: 08 Sep 2013
Posts: 252

PostPosted: Wed 17 May 2017, 21:26    Post subject: Re: a few issues  

gyro wrote:

version2013 wrote:
SFS-Load version numbers differ.
Yes, I noticed that. That's why I asked the other questions, to try to sort out where the old version of sfs_load could be comming from.

Have you tried running the "sfs_load" contained in your "puppy_tahr64_6.0.6.sfs" directly?
You can click on "puppy_tahr64_6.0.6.sfs" and then select "View contents" to access the files inside it. Then navigate to "usr/sbin" and click on "sfs_load" to run it.


I checked again, this time with a definite fresh frugal install, and from the sfs file you mentioned.
The "sfs_load" is version 3.

I failed to remember that I tried to get 'puppy_tahr64_6.0.6' to work correctly with my laptop keyboard. I also failed to document exactly what I installed, apart from a version of 'xinput' from the PPM [1].
Unsure how the 'sfs_load' file was overwritten with an older version.

Sorry for the mistake.

Although I still am not sure why my keyboard has issues with 6.0.6.

[1] Puppy Package Manager
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Joined: Yesterday
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PostPosted: Yesterday, at 22:07    Post subject: How to remotely shut down tahrpup 6.0.5 64 from windows 7?
Subject description: How to remotely shut down tahrpup 6.0.5 64 from windows 7?

Hi people,
I need help,
I will try to write as much helpful information as possible and try to keep it short too,

home network, one linksys router with dd-wrt, one windows 7 64, one PBO media player, one tahrpup 6.0.5 64, all cat5e hard wire, no wireless

tahrpup is been installed to 8gb flash drive, boots up and runs from there

Everything works fine, samba running, all machine are able to see each other and send and receive files,

win 7 is the main machine with internet connection, I blocked media player and tahrpup internet accesses from the router as I don't need them to have internet connection,

the way things work is;
I usually send some media to tahrpub and media player grabs those media to play, basically tharpup acts as server or like NAS, (no need to use tahrpup for any other purpose, no mouse or keyboard or monitor)

everyday in the morning I will turn on the tahrpup and media player and use them all day and I also set the tahrpup with schedule so it will atomically shut down every night at 2 am

Now, sometimes I don't need the tahrpup to be on all the way to 2 am so I thought what if I could just remotely shut down tahrpup whenever is needed from main windows machine,

so I went and tried to find out what do I need and what do I have to do in order to achieve what I want,

telnet and openssh was discovered from searching the net, went true several forums on internet try to find out how to get, install and run them,

nothing worked for me, first I find out for some reason I can not install anything from pupy package manager, always get error: there is no space on drive

(before doing that I already gave temporary internet accesses to tahrpup)

so tried to get telnet and openssh offline , installed both of them and tried to start and run them, don't work, nothing starts, I get error from terminal when I try to start the daemon saying the sbin folder or file or directory dose not exist, even I just installed them and confirmed success installation

I think maybe I get all these errors because the tahrpup is installed and running from a USB flash drive and not an actual hard drive, I don't know for sure

In the beginning could not even ping to tahrpub, I found out its because of firewall, could not find a way to give rules to firewall (tried all suggestion and command code, none worked), so I basically disabled the firewall from startup,

its been more than two weeks that I spend time on this and no solution, I am very frustrated and all I want is to be able to shutdown tahrpup from windows when ever is needed, I mean its very basic and simple task,

At this point I really don't care if its telnet or openssh or any other method, I just want to be able to shut down tahrpup in a very simple way remotely,

I hope all this information is enough for anyone with a solution for me, thank you all in advance.
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