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Puppy saves PC from junk Yark
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Joined: 16 May 2005
Posts: 99
Location: NY

PostPosted: Sat 02 Jul 2005, 10:36    Post_subject:  Puppy saves PC from junk Yark  

Found home for a Packard Hell (266cpu 64meg 4gig hd cd flppy). I is happly surfing the wed for a 12 year old (puppy 1.03).
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Joined: 08 Jun 2005
Posts: 1124

PostPosted: Thu 21 Jul 2005, 17:41    Post_subject: tips and tricks  

I bought a Packard Bell today, for $25,
I had to hook the hd up to my pc to erase win98 LOL, and install puppy!!!
well when hooking it back up to the box it came in
it would go through the whole boot up process
and when it goes to load the window manager icewm it shows the mouse
and black and white squares, it almost gets there then goes back to xterm
It needs 1 more umph to get'er in there so if anybody has a clue or idea
help me out sorry for lack of detail will provide if needed

Well after using the suggestion below it worked somehow

Heaven is on the way, until then let's get the truth out!

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Puppy Master

Joined: 04 May 2005
Posts: 4078

PostPosted: Thu 21 Jul 2005, 17:48    Post_subject:  

try fvwm95 or jwm instead of icewm
icewm may not run at very low screen resolutions
( type startx fvwm95 )
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PostPosted: Sat 23 Jul 2005, 14:49    Post_subject:  

It's true - Puppy really is a savior. Wink

When I think about all of the computers that I've passed in alleyways it makes me feel kinda wierd inside... to know that it's possible to do the ordinary, everyday things that most people expect from a computer while running an entire operating system that's smaller than a single album ripped into mp3's.... well.... it just makes me want to click my heels together and do a little jig...

Don't let anyone tell you differrent -

Puppy is D I F F E R E N T !

Puppy is not a C L O N E !

Puppy will wipe those old-slow-ready.for.the.garbage.heap- blues away.

( I find myself sounding like a crazy evangelist, and though a little scary am finding that it's really nice to have something to be excited about, so please don't mind me!)

Puppy Power!

(Geek in training, LOL) Shocked
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Official Crustacean

Joined: 04 May 2005
Posts: 15117
Location: Paradox Realm

PostPosted: Sat 23 Jul 2005, 15:30    Post_subject:  

I am in Ubuntu at the moment. It is lovely but sluggish.

Tried to get Puppy working on a Duron with Netgear wireless. We played about with screaming penguin but no luck.

Puppy is honed and sleek - if it works - it works - yahoo! (if you will pardon the expression). If it does not - you can be stubborn and fiddle (we would prefer that) or move on . . .

Totally agree - buy a laptop second hand (bring the Pup with you)
What a sleek useful system you will have.

Go Puppy go

(more dancing and claw clicking)

Puppy WIKI
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Puppy Dog

Joined: 21 May 2005
Posts: 58

PostPosted: Sat 23 Jul 2005, 16:23    Post_subject:  

My very first PC was out of the garbage. Now my car automatically pulls itself over when it spots a computer. My last pickup was a Compaq Pentium 4 with 512 ram still attached. I added a 6gig HD, CDRW, CDROM, Modem and a 17 inch Monitor ( all tossed out-what a waste) Works great, but no side or front to the case---Puppy boots ! --- Maybe I will make a case from that fish tank I just saw !
"Best In Show"
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Joined: 02 Jun 2005
Posts: 3
Location: Tennessee, U.S.A.

PostPosted: Sat 23 Jul 2005, 21:29    Post_subject:  

$20 U.S. was my cost for the PC in my signature. All I needed to add was a spare microATX PSU I had lying about. Heck the PSU originally cost me $22.

Puppy 1.02 and 1.04 have run great on it. No troubles with installation or configuration. I'm always amazed at the PC's that get thrown away. There are schools in many area's I know of using barely functioning 386-486PC's with windows 3.1. Heck I donated several Machines 300Mhz-500Mhz to school districts in the past 18 months and they were glad to get them. Yet some companies and people throw out Pentium 3's.

Compaq 7360
500Mhz AMD-K6
Socket 7 "camaro" motherboard with stock bios
stock 40x CD drive
stock Floppy
4.3 Gig HD 3.3Gig primary partition 1Gig Swap
Onboard video and sound
dynex DX-E101 NIC 10/100
128MB PC66 Ram 8MB set aside for video
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Joined: 30 May 2005
Posts: 40
Location: Charleston, SC

PostPosted: Tue 02 Aug 2005, 10:08    Post_subject:  

<------also accomplished dumpster diver

Acquired several old computers this way, including my favorite "test bed" with a screaming 48M RAM. Results of some of my experiments on that former doorstop were related in the older Puppy forum. (with swap partition, everything still loads in RAM)

Now on the watch for a jettisoned laptop.
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